Great group of folks here from the instructors to the students, they all want to see you succeed. If you want to learn self defense and grow your self-confidence here’s the place. And what a workout, but a fun one at that. Family oriented with both male and female instructors. Glad I started my journey here, thanks Mike and Jennifer.

Chuck Burgess


Top notch place! Great people and wonderful instructors! I would recommend checking them out anytime you are in the area. Definitely looking forward to my next trip here!

Andy Bryant


Great place to train with super friendly people. We enjoyed our visit and would recommend checking them out!

Lindsey Fields


Jennifer and Michael are awesome wonderful trainers!! It’s a very comfortable atmosphere They are knowledgeable and just great down-to-earth people. You can tell that they really love helping and teaching others. My daughter enjoys the class so much and has learned so much. I recommend The Academy to everyone!

Tina Hysini


The kids love it! The instructers are kind and patient with the kids! I highly recommend you if you’re looking for a place to learn jui jitsu!

Felicia Weatherford


Instructors are great with our daughter and the other kids. They really make it a point to ask and make sure each student understands what they were just taught. This is NOT one of the move your kid through the ranks quick and pay for the next belt martial arts. There is a lot of grappling and on the mat teaching involved so that the students learn how to defend themselves in real life situations. The Grace Jui Jitsu works, I am a lot bigger and stronger than my daughter but she can put me in a chock hold or another submission move and there is nothing I can do. I feel really at ease knowing my 12 year old daughter is learning something that will help keep her safer when I’m not around. If you got a daughter remember, A RESTRAINING ORDER IS JUST A PIECE OF PAPER.

Tracy Mathis

I just started training in Jiu Jitsu and both Michael and Jennifer are very patient with me. Great atmosphere and wonderful people to surround yourself with. I would recommend The Academy to any and all that want to better themselves mentally and physically.

Tyler Swafford

Great instruction from super nice people! Very highly recommended!

Brad Winn

Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Yoga and kickboxing and conditioning classes – Great classes, great instructors and great value for your money too!!!


Angel Bandy

Gracie jujitsu, kickboxing, conditioning, and yoga…..great family atmosphere here….. Everyone checks there pride at the door, works at their own pace, and has fun doing it.

Corey Bandy

 Mike and Jen are great! Having a female instructor has made it so much more comfortable for me. Also, the mats and everything are CLEAN, unlike other places! The jiu jitsu instruction is very thorough, and the yoga class is probably the best I’ve ever taken.

Amy Elliot

 Professional and very welcoming atmosphere. The mats are kept CLEAN. Even though we had zero martial arts experience we were able to integrate into the program with the other more experienced students. The other the students are extremely helpful and there is a strong sense of team and respect. Yoga class is a good initial cardio workout followed with some deep stretching and finally, my favorite part, the relaxation. You can tell a lot about a place by the way they treat their newest white belt – no doubt The Academy is at the top.

Samuel Elliot

Loving this place! I love how you can adjust for all fitness levels! Everyone is so kind and welcoming! Thanks to all the technical advice as well!


Michele Hammonds

 The Academy is an awesome place to get a great workout! My friends and I love the kickboxing classes! Great instructors and great atmosphere!


Amber Winters

Mike and Jen are great. They have a friendly and fun atmosphere that makes learning great. I highly recommend The Academy.

Edward Moore

Had a great time learning and meeting new people. Can’t wait to go back!

Aarin Norris

Great great great family oriented facility with an amazing atmosphere. Couldn’t have asked for a better local place!

Heath Jordan

Some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Great place to train.

Ralph Gleason

Great group of people and a great place to train. If you are looking for a friendly and safe place to train check out the Academy!

Alan Baker


The fitness kickboxing class is great! Super workout with great instructors.

Carmen Reagan


It’s a great place to go if you want a happy atmosphere and an even greater work out. I would recommend to anybody!!!

Hannah Smith


Great people, atmosphere, and training… Check out The Academy!

Dale Brown


Excellent people,wonderful instructors. They make a really good workout fun.

Evelyn Sexton


Love the workouts, tons of fun and learning! I definitely recommend giving them a visit!

Lincoln Munger


Great place to train….wonderfully kid friendly, times and variety of classes is perfect for all ages and accommodating. Friendly and fun staff. Love my YogaFit class!!!

Christine Goniea


This is a family friendly environment that teaches strength, endurance, and life lessons. It is a clean environment which makes it easier to find peace during yoga as well. I feel that anyone can learn their defensive lessons, from a beginner to an advanced student.

Carolyn Fincher

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